Community / Web Strategist

Do you enjoy working with Computers and see yourself pursuing a career in IT.  Community Strategists work with the internet sites managing all aspects of the site.

Community Strategists build strong web communities on Internet e-commerce sites, manage all aspects of the site and create a sense of community on-line.

As a Community Strategist responsibilities would include generating reports from feedback received from on-line message boards, e-mail or monthly meetings with communities and to senior management in relevant departments.

Other duties include:

  • giving feedback on new features and products to marketing departments and product development departments
  • They ensure that the site is kept up-to-date with relevant information and products. 
  • They ensure that communities have opportunities to voice their opinions on relevant issues. 
  • They also develop chat topics where the community can discuss various issues which the company then uses to improve services or develop new features on the site. 
  • They are responsible for focusing on retaining customers and growing their customer base. 

The market is becoming more and more competitive in e-commerce and it is important to establish a solid client base offering an outstanding, cost effective and efficient service.