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What is a Courier?

Couriers collect and deliver documents and packages from companies and private residences.

They usually use light delivery vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and in some cases deliver on foot.  

They respond to calls from the courier depot.  Packages may contain mail, documents, small items, samples etc etc.
Couriers are different to the Postal Service with regard to speed, safety, security and tracking. 

They also give a more personal and more reliable service.  Because of this, they are usually more expensive than the Postal Service.

What does a Courier do?

  • answer requests telephonically from clients
  • organise logistics in the courier depot
  • plan routes that they are economical both in time and petrol
  • sort and load items
  • check waybills
  • pick up packages and deliver packages
  • make sure customers sign delivery receipts
  • keep records

Are you … ?

  • organised and methodical?
  • a good listener?
  • observant and logical?
  • good at time management?
  • calm under stress?
  • good at keeping records?
  • punctual?
  • a person with a good knowledge of the local roads?
  • good at following directions?
  • responsible and trustworthy?

How do I become a Courier? 

Compulsory skill: A valid driver’s licence.

No previous training is required.  Most Couriers can get on-the-job training.  Once you have enough experience, you may consider starting up your own Courier business. 

TETA suggests the following:

National Certificate in Professional Driving NQF 3

Requirements: Matric


  • TETA


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Train Driver or Transport Service Manager

Is becoming a Courier the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.