Delivery Person


OFO No: 732101


What is a Delivery Person/Driver?

Does being out on the open road appeal to you?  

Then the life of a Delivery Person/Driver may be the right career for you. 

A Delivery Person/Driver will usually make local deliveries whereas a Longhaul Driver will drive from city to city.

There are many different types of Delivery Drivers:  

  • motorcycles will be used for messages, documents and small items
  • regular sedans will be used for fast food deliveries and messages
  • small vans will be used for larger parcels and specific items eg florist or printed goods
  • larger trucks will be used for delivering stock eg: to supermarkets

In some cases, such as a fast food restaurant, the Delivery Driver must use his own vehicle.

A Delivery Person/Driver may be employed by a courier company involved in the delivery of almost everything from messages to packages from one destination to another or be employed by companies that need their own goods, packages and messages to be delivered.

What does a Delivery Person/Driver do?

Depending on the actual job at hand these might be some of the tasks required:

  • load and unload throughout the day
  • ensure that the vehicle is loaded with the correct goods as listed on their delivery note
  • ensure that vehicle is loaded in a safe way to ensure the safety of the driver and goods
  • plan the most efficient and effective delivery route
  • stop to collect other goods along the way
  • keep records of the deliveries, collections and payments (if received on route)
  • run company errands when not delivering goods
  • make sure vehicle is cleaned and maintained
  • drive responsibly and safely at all times

Are you … ?

  • a person who loves driving for long periods at a time?
  • a person with a valid driver’s licence and clean driving record/
  • responsible?
  • a person with sober habits?
  • over 18?
  • alert and attentive?
  • physically fit?
  • mechanical? 
  • able to concentrate in heavy traffic?

How do I become a Delivery Person/Driver?

Compulsory requirement:  A driver’s licence.  Depending on the job, the licence must be valid for the type of vehicle (small van, truck, motorcycle etc).

No specific training is required.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Bus Driver or Chauffeur

Is becoming a Delivery Person/Driver the right career choice for me? 

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