What is an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is a risk-taker! They are brave, ambitious and hard working. An Entrepreneur is a person who starts a new business or buys a franchise.

The most common problem facing Entrepreneurs is finance. Either you have to have enough money of your own to start a business or manage to access a loan.

To access a loan you will have to have a really good idea or product, and enough experience and skills so that the person or institution lending you the money will believe in you. If you don’t have enough experience and skills, you will have to prove your worth in other ways.

You will have to prove you’re a hard worker, reliable and punctual. You will have to show that you have gone out of your way to improve yourself and that you’re prepared to put in the extra hours. If you want someone to believe in you, you’ll have to give them good reason to. Investors will not just give you money! They will only invest if they know their investment is safe.

What does an Entrepreneur do?

  • determines if the risk is worth it
  • invests lots of time and energy into researching the possibility of starting a business
  • puts in lots of extra hours to make the business a success
  • manages most or all of the company’s business and financial decisions
  • manages staff (if they have any)
  • continues to learns new skills to improve their business
  • networks to increase customer flow
  • develops advertising campaigns
  • tries to find a mentor (if possible)
  • keeps up to date with what competitors are doing
  • continues to develop new and improved services and products
  • tries to build a strong brand
  • dresses professionally at all times (look like a business owner, people will believe in you)

Are you . . . ?

  • a risk-taker?
  • ambitious?
  • hard working?
  • innovative?
  • confident?
  • a person with a head for business?
  • prepared to go the ‘extra mile’?
  • focused?
  • driven?
  • a person who can the possibility of failure?

How do I become an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is always on the lookout for business opportunities (gaps in the market). These can be existing ideas that could be improved or a completely new and innovative idea.

An Entrepreneur should have a head for numbers. If you you’re good at mathematics / accounting – this will help a lot.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is stressful. You’ll need to remain strong, confident and positive. You might hit a few brick walls along your way. Becoming an Entrepreneur does NOT mean instant success. You have to work hard. Very hard! You will be your own boss, so you will need to manage yourself and be motivated.

Qualifications in business management, entrepreneurship, accounting or finance would be extremely advantageous. If you have started a business without a qualification, consider doing one online or part-time. It will help you get ahead. The more skills you have, the more successful you could be. An empowered Entrepreneur is an amazing Entrepreneur!


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  • Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
  • To avoid scams, make sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education. 
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Tips for Entrepreneurs


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