Executive Housekeeper



What is an Executive Housekeeper?

An Executive Housekeeper generally works in a hotel, resort, bed & breakfast or private residence.

The Executive Housekeeper is in charge and supervises and manages the housekeeping staff to ensure a high standard of cleanliness in all guest rooms and communal/public areas.

What does an Executive Housekeeper do?

  • they’re in charge of and responsible for all duties of the housekeeping department
  • maintain and supervise the cleaning on all levels
  • communicate with all departments
  • develop  schedules and standards of excellence that are expected to be followed by staff
  • they keep up to date with cleaning and polishing techniques and all forms of hygiene
  • inspect premises daily and maintain establishment standards at all times
  • work within agreed budget: cleaning supplies, salaries and any miscellaneous items
  • take stock and order supplies
  • train staff
  • dealing with complaints

Are you … ?

  • interested in working in the hospitality industry?
  • a person with an eye for detail?
  • a person with strong leadership skills?
  • a person who takes pride in their work?
  • a team player?
  • extremely organised?
  • responsible?
  • computer literate?
  • a good communicator?
  • a motivator?

How do I become an Executive Housekeeper?

You could start as a Hotel cleaner. They get on-the-job trianing. From there, if you work hard and are enthusiastic, you can work your way up the corporate ladder to becoming an Executive Housekeeper.

However, there are many institutions which offer further education in the hospitality industry.  These studies could help you jump ahead of the rest when it comes to job opportunities.

Here are a few examples:


Offers a 3 year FET College programmes (NVC) in Hospitality 


Minimum requirements:  A Grade 9 certificate


Offers a 3 year National Diploma in Hospitality Management or a 4 year BTech in Hospitality Management
Minimum requirements:  For more info on course and requirements:   

http://www.cuthotelschool.co.za/management brochure.pdf

  • THE PRIVATE HOTEL SCHOOL:  (Stellenbosch)

A 1 year – Higher Certificate in Hospitality Management – NQF Level 5 Qualification
Minimum requirements:  Senior Certificate with endorsement

A 2 year Diploma in International Hospitality Management
Minimum requirements:  Senior Certificate with endorsement


Offers a 3 year Hospitality Management Diploma Programme
Minimum requirements:  For more info on course and requirements:     

Offers a 2-3 year Traineeship in Hospitality Management
Minimum requirements:  For more info on course and requirements:  



OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Corporate Cleaner or Window Washer

Is becoming an Executive Housekeeper the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.