First Aid Attendant



OFO No: 532901





What is a First Aid Attendant?

A First Aid Attendant is the person who give immediate assistance to a patient who suffering from a sudden dose of illness or an injury.

What does a First Aid Attendant do?

  • makes sure patient is comfortable and relaxed
  • performs first aid to sick or injured person
  • stabilises broken bones (when required)
  • performs artificial respiration (when required)
  • prevents choking (when requird)
  • administers basic drugs like aspirin or antiseptic solutions (when required)
  • helps doctors or paramedics
  • sterilises equipment
  • checks that stocks are up to date for the next emergency

Are you . . . ?

  • good in stressful situations?
  • good with people?
  • observant?
  • caring?
  • reliable and responsible?
  • safety conscious?
  • organised?
  • a team player?

How do I become a First Aid Attendant?


You will need to complete a First Aid Certificate Level 1 at:

  • The South African Red Cross Society

  • The St John’s Foundation

  • The South African First Aid League


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Pharmaceutical Technician or Auxiliary Nurse

Is becoming a First Aid Attendant the right career choice for me?