Fitness Instructor/Trainer



What is a Fitness Instructor?

As a Fitness Instructor, you would lead and organise group and individual exercise programmes to help people to improve their health and fitness.

Fitness Instructors may also give advice on healthy eating and lifestyle. They could work with specialist groups of people, such as older adults, children, people with disabilities or clients referred by doctors.

Fitness Instructors would either instruct a range of activities or specialise in a particular area such as:

  • keep fit
  • water aerobics
  • weight training
  • yoga
  • Pilates

What does a Fitness Instructor do?

  • carry out fitness assessments and consultations with new clients
  • demonstrate routines for clients to follow
  • show clients how to use exercise machines and free weights properly
  • supervise clients to make sure that they are exercising safely and effectively
  • lead group exercise classes such as circuit training, aerobics or spinning
  • design personal exercise programmes

Are you … ?

  • a people’s person?
  • passionate about exercise and fitness?
  • energetic, fit and strong?
  • patient?
  • responsible?
  • punctual?
  • supportive?
  • self-motivated?

How do I become a Fitness Instructor?

To qualify as a Fitness Trainer/Instructor, you could either complete a nationally-recognised qualification before starting work, or start as an assistant instructor and complete work-based qualifications.

Here are some great study options:


Offers many different courses:

Minimum requirements:
NSC (National Senior Certificate) or equivalent.  

Should the applicant not meet the minimum admission criteria; they may be referred for tests, at their own expense. These could include tests for aptitude, literacy, numeracy, reasoning skills and or studying skills.


Offers both full and part-time courses


Minimum requirements:
National Senior Certificate or Senior Certificate (Matric) or NQF Level 4 equivalent

  • Good health and reasonable level of fitness
  • Current fitness participation strongly recommended
  • Current health club or gym membership required



OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Yoga Instructor and Sports Coach

Is becoming a Fitness Instructor the right career choice for me?

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