Food Inspector

Their duties include ensuring that foods are correctly graded and packaged according to regulations.  They also ensure that foods and products are advertised correctly they inspect farms, production facilities, packaging plants and stores to ensure they meet quality control measures and sanitation standards.  Areas of specialisation include fruit and vegetable, poultry, meat, dairy and plant products.  Fruit and vegetable inspectors inspect fresh, processed and imported produce for disease and bruising and inspect processing plants for clean and safe working condition.  Poultry inspectors inspect birds for disease and egg hatching, storage and packaging facilities for hygiene and suitable production conditions.  Meat inspectors inspect the animals’ condition before they are slaughtered, examine carcasses for disease and ensure that the meat is safe to eat.  Dairy inspectors inspect dairy farms, the quality of dairy products and ensure the products are labelled and transported correctly.  Plant product inspectors inspect seeds, fertilisers and pesticides.  They analyse samples and ensure that the products are labelled correctly and contain no pesticides.