Furniture Polishers



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Other names for Furniture Polisher:

  • French Polisher
  • Furniture Polisher
  • Furniture Production Machine Operator
  • Furniture Restorer

What is a Furniture Polisher?

Furniture Polishers usually work with wood but they can also polish glass and metal objects too.

They usually work on furniture pieces but also work on things like musical instruments.

Furniture Polishers will be found working in furniture manufacturing companies (large and small), private furniture making studios as well as in furniture restoration companies.

Some Furniture Polishers use electrical machinery and others are extremely skilled hand polishers.

What does a Furniture Polisher do?

  • reads work notes on customer requirements
  • quotes
  • takes furniture apart and re-assembles it (removing hinges and handles)
  • strips old techniques off the wood (scrapes, sands and uses paint stripper)
  • fills holes and dents
  • treats wood to give it a smooth finish
  • mixes paints
  • sprays painting
  • polishes – using wax or lacquer (new and old furniture pieces)
  • repairs minor faults

Are you … ?

  • good with your hands?
  • a person with good vision?
  • detail orientated?
  • patient?
  • a person who takes pride in their work?
  • careful and reliable?
  • able to stand for long periods at a time?

How do I become a Furniture Polisher?

  • There aren’t a lot of places to study furniture polishing. 
  • Most furniture companies prefer to train the own staff on the job.

Here is a place you can get training:

  • ABENZI WOOD HOUSE:  (Stutterheim)

Offers a 25 day NQF 1 Level – Furniture Polishing Course


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Upholsterer … or … Furniture Designer

Is becoming a Furniture Polisher the right career choice for me?