Government Property Inspectors and Investigators

Government Property Inspectors and Investigators prepare correspondence, reports of inspections or investigations, and recommendations for action.

  • They examine records, reports, and documents in order to establish facts and detect discrepancies.
  • They monitor investigations of suspected offenders to ensure that they are conducted in accordance with constitutional requirements.
  • Collect, identify, evaluate, and preserve case evidence.
  • Inspect manufactured or processed products to ensure compliance with contract specifications and legal requirements.
  • Coordinate with and assist law enforcement agencies in matters of mutual concern.
  • Testify in court or at administrative proceedings concerning investigation findings.
  • Investigate applications for special licenses or permits, as well as alleged license or permit violations.
  • Inspect government-owned equipment and materials in the possession of private contractors, in order to ensure compliance with contracts and regulations and to prevent misuse.
  • Recommend legal or administrative action to protect government property.