I am going to study again after working for some years. I have heard that RPL can help me. What is RPL?


“Recognition of prior learning is a process whereby, through assessment, credit is given to learning which has already been acquired in different ways”. – SAQA

RPL is the identification, assessment and acknowledgement of an individual’s skills and knowledge within the context of a specific qualification, irrespective of how and where they have been acquired. Skills and knowledge can be acquired by means of various informal learning opportunities, for example: informal training; on-the-job experience; life experience;  short courses 

RPL is a process that allows candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Candidates undergo a series of assessments specifically designed to assist them to display their competence. At the end of the assessment process each candidate is issued with credits for the learning that they have been able to display. These credits are linked to SAQA-registered qualifications. Through RPL, a candidate could earn credit for a few unit standards or a full qualification. RPL recognises any learning that the candidate has acquired, whether it was from formal training, workplace experience, or general life experience.

Institutions will recognise any previous learning that you may have done. This includes both formal education at a tertiary institution and informal learning, such as knowledge acquired during practical work experience.

Please note that each situation is unique and they will evaluate all prior learning on a case-by-case basis.