I am interested in studying Medicine

I am interested in studying Medicine but I wondered about the service while and after you study and how long it takes. Also do they pay you?


There are three kinds of service:

• Student Internship

• Internship

• Community Service

This is what the University of Pretoria states in its faculty prospectus for 2012-13 for the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MB ChB)

• Year 1 to the middle of year 5

Theoretical, practical and clinical training in the medical disciplines.

• Second half of year 5 and year 6

Student internship, during which all the clinical training takes place around patients in hospitals and clinics. After this, there are two years of internship (clinical service under supervision in accredited hospitals throughout the country), as well as another compulsory year of community service. These three years are not part of the university training.

• Involvement in community serviceThe curriculum was compiled from the viewpoint that training should take place through service delivery. In this context, the Faculty provides a comprehensive service to the broader community through several outreach programmes. Students are already involved in these programmes during their undergraduate studies.To be allowed to register as a doctor (medical practitioner), a student has to obtain the MBChB degree, followed by in-service training as an intern (general practitioner). After that, all newly qualified doctors are obliged by law to complete at least one year of community service.

PLEASE NOTE: This is different from university to university and can change from year to year.
SALARIES These are the salaries published in 2011 (There may be other conditions attached).
• Student Interns are not paid but Interns are paid R 295 989 a year for full time work

• Community Service Interns are paid 390 993 a year for full time work