I am not a South African but would like to study here. What must I do?

All NON-South African citizens
and NON-permanent residents
are required to obtain a study permit prior to registering as students.

Application for study permits should be submitted to the South African Home Affairs, Consulate or High Commissioner in your country or residence/origin.

It would be in favour of the educational institution where you intend studying. It would be submitted during registrations.

CAREER PLANET offers information about various institutions of learning – you will need to research what each one offers and where you can study.


Please read this article:

To find individual institutions near you please go here:

1. Select the institution of your choice: University, University of Technology, FET etc.

2. Select your Province of choice

3. Click on the institution on the right

4. Copy the url (the part that starts with http:) and paste into your browser.

5. When you get to the Institution's web page, read the requirements carefully

6. Read and follow the application process completely.