I am not sure about which career to follow. Where can I go to get some career counselling? I also have heard that I can do some tests to see what I should be doing.

ANSWER: It is important to remember that although career counselling is very useful, most of the success depends on your own contribution. This includes:

• exploring what you are good at and enjoy, 

• discovering what you are attracted to in the world of work and 

• researching various career optionsAssessments (psychometric tests) are usually part of career counselling. They  should be conducted by a professional who is registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). 

The Assessments consist of questionnaires (either on paper or on a computer) which could include:

• IQ tests, 

• personality assessments,

• aptitude or ability tests,

• interests.

They can confirm decisions but they can also uncover information pointing to new options and reveal potential.It is important to remember that you still have to choose which careers to go for, based on your interests, ability and economic circumstances.


Most Colleges and Universities have career offices where you can get some counselling, usually with regard to the courses they offer. Some of them charge for individual sessions.


Psychometric testing is more time consuming (3-4 hours) and a professional person needs to administer them, so there may be a cost to consider. (The most often quoted figures are R1200 – R1500, but ask before being scared off.) The psychometrist will provide you with a report.A list of private registered counsellors and psychometricians can be found here: