I have a problem with the way I study when I’m writing exams

I have a problem with the way I study when I’m writing exams and I can’t study in advance I study the day before and that doesn’t make my marks look good. Can you please advise me or help me out find another way to study or what should I do to boost my marks?


I have the same problem. I thought I was not able to study in advance; but i realised I could study in advance, I would just put
it off. Procrastination is my biggest problem. Leaving studying to the last day doesn’t help much cause I was not studying, I was cramping.

After doing some self awarenesss I realised a few things.

There are a few reasons why I procrastinate:

1. Poor motivation (this is a big one) – I have little or no interest in studying because I found it boring or pointless.

2. Difficulty concentrating – I had many
things around me which is distracting. When you have to study, its really easy for anything to distract you if you not motivated.

3. Unpleasant task – Don’t like studying

4. Lack of priorities – I didnt realise or see
which tasks are most important to do.

5. Lack of confidence – I fear I won’t be able
to achieve what is expected.

What helps me to work through the procrastination?

Find the motivation – Why are am studying this specific subject? Why do I have to study? What are you hoping to achieve?

Motivate yourself by reminding yourself why you need to study.

Concentration – Find a quiet place where there’s little distraction. Research shows that most students study best in a quiet environment. If you find that playing a stereo
or TV improves your mood, keep the volume low.

Know yourself, know your concentration span and Do NOT go
over the span. Average concentration span is 40-45 mins.
Proper Planning – Prepare a study timetable. This puts you in control, and will eliminate the possibility of having to make difficult decisions under pressure. Having someone check up on me to see if i’m sticking to the timetable, helped me.

Prioritise the tasks you have to do. It’s easy to put the more difficult tasks aside and focus more on what task is more important. This is where proper planning comes hand-in –hand with prioritising, you need to know which task requires more time and effort.

Confidence – remain positive, remind yourself, what you put it is what you get out therefore the more effort you put in the better your marks will be.

I hope this helps you as it has helped me. Good luck