I need a bursary?

Our website is updated regularly with opportunities including bursaries, learnerships, internships, apprenticeships and jobs.

Please go here to search:


  1. You can type the qualification title (e.g. Social Science, Engineering etc.,) into the SEARCH option (top right). 
  2. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE SPELT IT CORRECTLY. Instead of the title you can also type ANY or VARIOUS for bursary Providers who have a lot of different bursaries.
  3. Click on the Magnifying glass.
  4. Then click on the title of the bursary.
  5. Read it thoroughly.
  6. Then click on APPLY on the bottom. 

You apply to the Provider of the Bursary directly, not to Career Planet. They will contact you if you satisfy requirements. 


But do not wait, keep visiting our website often and applying.

Before applying, have scans (digital copies) of your documents available to upload – for example:

  • Cover letter stating your field of interest and motivation 
  • Certified copy of the applicant’s South African ID 
  • Full official academic record or the latest statement of Grade 12 results 
  • Proof of Registration or Provisional acceptance at University 
  • Certified copies of parent/s or guardian’s South African IDs 
  • Proof of Parent’s/Guardian income (salary advice) or affidavit


If you are already accepted at a University (this is often a requirement) or a student please check with Student Financial Aid office. Many Bursary Providers only register their bursaries with the University. Ask about NSFAS Loans which convert to Bursaries if your marks are good – at any rate the loan is only repayable when you are earning above a certain amount.


EACH bursary application is different. You MUST read each one carefully. REMEMBER hundreds of people apply for the same bursary. It’s up to you to make a good impression and beat the rest of the applications. Unfortunately, most bursary applications go straight into the bin.

The 5 reasons are:

  1. You did not meet ALL the requirements! For instance, if they want Core Maths and Physical Science with 60%  – You MUST have Core Maths and Physical Science with 60%! Make sure you tick off ALL the requirements. If you don’t your application will go straight into the bin.
  2. You did NOT send in ALL the right documents WITH your application!
  3. Again, read carefully. Make sure you tick each one off before you attach and send.
  4. You did NOT supply all the information required. Read the submission details carefully. Make sure you supply EVERYTHING they require. For instance they might ask for: your age, gender, geographic location, nationality etc. Again – tick off everything like a shopping list.
  5. You supplied the WRONG personal information. Your telephone number or e-mail address was wrong. DOUBLE CHECK all your details VERY carefully. The smallest mistake could cost you!
  6. Your Letter of Motivation (Cover Letter) was boring! Remember it’s a competition! You have to beat the other applicants.  

Bursary applications take time and effort. So take your time and put in the effort. 

* Most libraries have free access to the internet.