IT Communications Consultant

At work with Vaun Hamilton – IT Communications Consultant – Partner and Director of the Buzz Group of companies (September 2008)

Career Planet (CP): How long have you been with Buzz?
Vaun Hamilton (VH): 16 Months

CP: Give a short description of your job
VH: As we have only been operating for about 2 years now, we are still a fairly small company, hence I am still very hands on with day to day operations of the business. This includes, selling, support, managing and project managing new installations. I also take care of all of the marketing and advertising for Buzz        

CP: When you were at school, did you have an idea of the type of career you wanted to follow?
VH: No Idea

CP: Have you followed this type of career path?
VH: No

CP: What other jobs have you had along the way?
VH: Operations Manager, for biggest film production company in SA
Store Manager for Wetherlys Home Décor
Store Manager for Weylandts

CP: When and where did you study?
VH: Western Province Technical College – 2007

CP: What did you study, and what qualifications do you have?
VH: Industrial Electronics – N3

CP: What made you decide to choose that path of study?
VH: Enjoyed working with my hands and found it exciting.

CP: How long was it before you found employment in the field that you studied for?
VH: Although I never did work as an Industrial Electrician, my training gave me valuable skills

CP: Have you ever job shadowed?  If so, what kind, and where?
VH: No

CP: Have you ever done any volunteer work to gain experience?
VH: None

CP: Do you work office hours or flexi-time?
VH: I work whatever hours the job requires – even at 2am if needed!

CP: Do you work in a relaxed or an informal environment?
VH: We try and keep it as relaxed as possible, but stress is a reality in this line of work.


CP: What is the dress code for your job?
VH: Casual, as much as possible

CP: Does your job restrict you to a certain geographical area?
VH: No, the world is my oyster

CP: Is your job restricted to a specific gender?
VH: No, absolutely not .

CP: Describe the kind of person that you think most suits this type of work
VH: Anybody who is quick to learn, technically minded and a ‘people’ person.

CP: What is the best reward this job has given you?
VH: A better sense of business

CP: Is there anything you’d like to change about your working conditions?
VH: My working conditions are great.

CP: Do you have hobbies?
VH: Yes, I race Motocross bikes

CP: Any advice for those thinking of following a similar professional route?
VH: Learn, learn, learn. This industry and equipment change daily, the more you know, the better it is, can only help.