Meat Inspector

What is a Meat Inspector?

A Meat Inspector/Examiner is an individual who works in abattoirs (slaughterhouses) and examines meat to determine whether it complies with safety standards and is fit for public consumption.

Meat Inspectors/Examiners are required at hunts and/or game harvesting.

What does a Meat Inspector do?

  • examining meat before and after slaughtering – checking for any signs of illness, infection, or abnormalities
  • examining cured, dried, canned and frozen meat
  • checking the sanitary conditions of the meat processing plant and transportation vehicles
  • recording observations and inspections

Are you … ?

  • comfortable working with meat and blood?
  • interested in health and safety?
  • someone with a good eye for detail?
  • honest?
  • a good communicator?
  • someone with farm animal experience?

How do I become a Meat Inspector? 

Details for game harvesting:



The following learnerships have been identified by the Red Meat sub sector in order to ensure increased food safety and implementation of hygiene management systems:

  • General Abattoir Processes (NQF2)
  • Abattoir Slaughtering Processes (NQF2)
  • Abattoir Supervision (NQF3)
  • Meat Examination (NQF4)
  • Meat Classification (NQF4)




  • THE MEAT INSPECTION TRAINING CENTRE: (Lobatse, Botswana)–Authorities/Ministries/MinistryofAgriculture-MOA/Tools–Services/Agricultural-Training/Meat-Inspection-Training-Centre/#8452859848d74b2ba077fa85f0830454


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Butcher or Wool Classer

Is becoming a Meat Inspector the right career choice for me?

See below for more details.