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What is a Military Pilot?

A Military Pilot flies in the military (air force). Most men and women pilots specialise in one kind of aircraft, for example:

  • Bombers
  • Flighters
  • Transport Planes
  • Fuelling Planes
  • Test Aircraft
  • Helicopters etc

A Military Pilot could fly passengers or cargo or perform aerial tasks for example:

  • Border Patrol
  • Reconnaissance with high-flying photographic equipment
  • Combat

Some of these highly complicated aircraft need an entire crew to fly them, not just one person. 

Military pilots are extremely fit and healthy. Their job is very demanding. 

What does a Military Pilot do? 

Each specialised pilot will have different tasks but these will be the overall basic ones:

  • prepares flying missions with regard to goals and requirements
  • obtains weather information
  • designs flight plans
  • briefs the entire crew
  • ensures aircraft is ready, safe, loaded and fuelled
  • communicates with other pilots and air traffic controllers while in the air
  • performs navigation, surveillance or rescue missions
  • writes reports and keeps log books

Are you . . . ?

  • passionate about flying?
  • responsible and reliable?
  • emotionally stable?
  • intelligent?
  • a quick thinker?
  • calm in stressful situations?
  • dedicated?

How do I become a Military Pilot? 

All training and licencing of pilots is the same in SA.

CLICK HERE to learn about the training. Look under the section: How do I become an Aeroplane Pilot?

Once you have qualified as an Aeroplane Pilot you can then specialise in the military. 


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Aircraft Electrician or Air Traffic Controller 

Is becoming a Military Pilot the right career choice for me?