Mining Support Worker



OFO No: 831101





Other names for Mining Support Worker:

  • Acclimatisation Chamber Operator/ Heat Tolerance S
  • Battery Bay Attendant/ Battery and Lamp Repairer
  • Belt Attendant
  • Centrifuge Pump Operator/ Pump Attendant
  • Coal Hewer
  • Gravel Worker
  • Mine Sampler / Worker
  • Mine Stage Assistant
  • Mine Survey Recorder
  • Mineral Ore Processing Labourer
  • Mining Surfaceman
  • Onsetter Helper
  • Pit Crew Support Worker
  • Quarry Hand / Worker
  • Sand Pit Worker
  • Shaft Assistant
  • Shaft Sinking Helper
  • Sorter (Mining)
  • Strata Control Observer
  • Ventilation Observer


What is a Mining Support Worker?

A Mining Support Worker helps perform jobs on the mine like:

  • taking apart and assembling mining equipment
  • taking samples of rock
  • mixing ore treating chemicals etc

What does a Mining Support Worker do?

  • performs routine jobs
  • loads ore onto mine trucks or conveyor belts
  • strengthens roofs and walls of mine shafts
  • uses power tools
  • cleans underground rooms and work areas
  • helps teams of mine workers construct tunnels
  • installs lamps and pumps etc

Are you  . . . ?

  • interested in entering the sector of mining?
  • a team player?
  • reliable and responsible?
  • physically fit and healthy?
  • observant?
  • safety conscious?

How do I become a Mining Support Worker?

This is an entry level position.


  • There are no official paths to becoming a Mining Support Worker.
  • Most companies have their own training on-the-job programmes with their own requirements


After sufficient workplace experience you may consider studying or training further so that you may work your way up the mining ladder.

For example:


OTHER CAREER TO CONSIDER: Mining Assistant or Gas Practitioner

Is becoming a Mining Support Worker the right career choice for me?