Musical Instrument Builder



What is a Musical Instrument Maker?

Musical Instrument Makers design and/or build musical instruments.  They usually specialise in one area of instruments, for example: string (guitar, violin and cello etc).

Musical Instrument Makers are master-crafts people who use various techniques and tools, for example:  woodcarving, wood shaping, metal work and silversmithing, decorative painting etc.

Musical Instrument Makers also repair and restore instruments.  They might even make spare parts by hand.

When assembling an instrument, the Musical Instrument Maker will also be responsible for all the different things that may make up that instrument, for example:  installing the strings, tuning the instrument, adding the electrical components and any decorative features like metalwork and painting.  Some very expensive instruments may even be decorated in jewels, like diamonds, etc.

What does a Musical Instrument Maker do?

  • discussing specific requirements from clients
  • drawing up the designs
  • quoting the job
  • sourcing the materials: wood, metals, strings etc
  • cutting, shaping, glueing, assembling, sanding, painting, decorating
  • tuning the instrument
  • repairing and restoring instruments

Are you … ?

  • passionate about music?
  • good with your hands and fingers?
  • accurate?
  • patient?
  • detail orientated?
  • practical?
  • neat?
  • proud?

How do I become a Musical Instrument Maker?

There are no courses that offer just Musical Instrument Maker training. 

To start off your career in this field we would suggest you learn to work with tools in carpentry and metalwork while still at school. 

Once you leave school you could try and learn the trade through an already experienced Musical Instrument Maker/Builder.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Set Designer and Carpenter

Is becoming a Musical Instrument Maker the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.