Network Engineer

Network engineers design networks. These could be situated in one building only, which is known as a local area network (LAN), or can entail a network that expands over the whole of a country, which is known as a wide area network (WAN).

The duties include:
  • setting up of plans and drawings of the network
  • suggesting the location of the server rooms in a building
  • allocating backup power supplies where needed
  • consulting companies for pricing on the implementation of the design
  • working closely with telecommunication consultants to incorporate digital telephone lines such as ISDN or Diginet for a wide area network
They also integrate networks with installed systems, investigate Internet and e-mail connectivity, firewall design, and remote access solutions. They then take this information to management and submit the solutions they come up with approval. Their presentations include final drawings, pricing and future expansion possibilities of their plans.
Companies to work for:
A small, medium and large corporate environments that use a network for connectivity, as well as IT consulting companies that seek contract workers for the provision of complete network solutions.