Network Technician

Network technicians are responsible for the installations and maintenance of a network layout, and for trouble-shooting (finding defects and fixing them).

As soon as the network engineer has designed a network, the plans are given to the network technician for the installation of the necessary cables, switches and network points. The network technician then physically installs all the peripherals needed for the network. This entails:
  • the installation of the network points in offices to connect to the computers,
  • installation of the switches in a server room to connect to the servers, and
  • pulling the cables through the ceilings of the building to connect to the network points
After the complete installation of a network, the network technician is responsible for maintenance and expanding the network as the need arises. Should something go wrong with the physical network, the network technician will be responsible for finding the defect and rectifying it.
Companies to work for:

Companies that offer a network installation service for a fee; any medium to large company that has a local area network and/ or wide area network, IT companies