Our school has now got computers and the internet. I know that I can get a lot more career information but every time I use Google, I struggle to find what I need.

Search Engines can find most of the information you need. Some popular search engines are:

  1. Google http://www.google.com
  2. Bing http://www.bing.com
  3. Yahoo!  http://www.yahoo.com

The trick is in the KEY WORDS you use, some patience and a lot of practice.


Keywords are what Search Engines use to search through millions of web pages to find what you are looking for.

Write your question in as much detail as possible. This will help you to discover the best keywords for your search. Now highlight or underline those words that stand out.


I want to know what Accountants can earn in South Africa?

The underlined words are your keywords. You leave out everything but the important words.

The words ‘South Africa’ are important (if you are wanting South African information) because the web is world wide (www. stands for world wide web).  Without that you will get information about other countries. Put words that belong together, like South Africa in quotes.

Most people make the mistake of using only one or two keywords but the recommended maximum is 6 to 8 carefully chosen words.
If you want to broaden your search add some words that people may use when writing about Accountants’ salaries.


‘South Africa’,  Accountants,  B-Com,  Finance,  earn,  salary,  remuneration,

If you put these words into the search box, you will see that it will find this website and put it right at the top of the list!


You should find exactly what you are looking for!

You may also add further keywords, eg a city, to see if salaries are different in various cities.

Test various words in various orders to get the best results.


Become a savvy net user! 
Do not believe everything you find on the internet. Use many sources of information before you make up your mind. There are also scamsters online and you need to be aware of them. (If you do not know what savvy means, look it up online!)