Personal Shopper



What is a Personal Shopper?

A Personal Shopper is exactly that! 

They are hired by wealthy people (sometimes celebrities) (male and female) who do not have enough time to do their own personal shopping.

Personal Shoppers can be expected to buy:

  • clothing
  • shoes
  • groceries
  • personal gifts on behalf of client
  • work related goods etc

Personal Shoppers can work full time for some clients or as consultants on a part-time basis to others.

What does a Personal Shopper do?

  • meeting with clients to determine their needs
  • understanding client’s requirements
  • giving each client individual, personal attention
  • going shopping on behalf of client
  • choosing the right goods or outfits and accessories
  • looking for good deals
  • keeping up to date with trends so they can advise clients
  • returning goods that clients don’t like
  • knowing their client tastes and catering for that taste
  • keeping within client’s budget
  • keeping receipts and invoicing client

Are you … ?

  • understanding?
  • a good listener?
  • empathic?
  • open minded?
  • a follower of trends?
  • organised?
  • fit and healthy?
  • good with colour?
  • able to stick to a budget?
  • hard worker?
  • confident?
  • reliable and punctual?
  • prepared to go the extra mile … ?

How do I become a Personal Shopper?

Personal Shoppers usually run their own business.

They either work for a flat, hourly fee or for a percentage of what the client spends.

Some form of diploma or degree in business, accounting or bookkeeping would be an added advantage.

You could start off being a Personal Shopper’s Assistant to gain experience.  From there you could go out on your own.  You will need to be able to network, source your own clients and meet their needs.

Once you have a good name in your business – your business will grow exponentially as word-of-mouth advertising is the best form of advertising.  Rich people will tell their friends about you.


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