Safety Inspector



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Other names for Safety Inspector:

Accident Prevention Consultant / Inspector
Bridge Inspector
Factory Inspector
Housing Inspector
Lift Inspector
Lifting Machinery Inspector
Lighthouse Inspector
Medical Equipment Inspector
Non-destructive Testing (NDT) Inspector
Safety Health Environment Quality Inspector
Works Inspector

What is a Safety Inspector?

A Safety Inspector is responsible for checking to make sure all machines and equipment are complying with government and industry safety standards.

They will also be responsible for making sure that the working conditions of employees are safe and hygienic.

Specialist Safety Inspectors include:

  • Lift Inspector
  • Lifting Machinery Inspector
  • Medical Equipment Maintainer

These specialist inspectors will be required to be registered with ECSA.

What does a Safety Inspector do?

  • makes regular checks and inspections of place of work (factories, manufacturing plantsd etc)
  • conducts various tests of machinery and equipment
  • removes unsafe items
  • blocks off unsafe areas / workplaces
  • advises employers and employees of regulations
  • keeps records

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in safety?
  • responsible?
  • trustworthy?
  • analytical?
  • observant?
  • a people’s person?
  • inquisitive?

How do I become a Safety Inspector?

To become a Safety Inspector you will need qualifications related to that field as well as years of workplace experience.

For example of qualifications:

  • Engineering
  • Production
  • Logistics etc

You will need to have wide range of knowledge in  regulations and standards in your industry.

Other requirements you will need:

  • Code EB Driver’s Licence
  • Computer literacy (MS Office etc)


  • After working for a while you may consider completing a National Certificate in Inspection and Enforcement Services.


To become a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspector

  • Learnership in Inspection and Assessment (Non-Metallic) Level 4


  • National Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing – NQF Level 5


To become a Lift Inspector:

  • Need to qualify as a Lift Mechanic
  • Workplace experience
  • Complete the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) recognised Lift Inspector’s Course
  • Register with ECSA in the Special Category of Lift Inspector to become a Certified Lift Inspector


To become a Lifting Machinery Inspector:

  • Need to first need to qualify as a Rigger
  • 5 years workplace experience (2 years needs to be in load testing)
  • National Certificate in Lifting Machinery Inspection
  • Apply to ECSA to be registered in the Special Category of Lifting Machinery Inspector: Certified Lifting Machinery Inspector


To become a Medical Equipment Inspector:

  • Trade qualification to NQF Level 4 in a mechanical or electrical engineering discipline
  • Workplace experience
  • National Certificate in Medical Equipment Maintenance
  • Apply to ECSA to be registered in the Special Category of Medical Equipment Maintainer: Certified Medical Equipment Inspector



ECSA is the national body that regulates professional engineers.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Clearing & Forwarding Agent or SHE&Q Practitioner

Is becoming a Safety Inspector the right career choice for me?