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What is a Script Writer / Screenwriter / Playwright?

Scriptwriters write scripts for plays or broadcasts.

People who devote their career to writing for the stage (theatre) are called ‘Playwrights’ while those dedicated to the screen, such televisions and movies, are called ‘Screenwriters’.

A script is a written piece of work which is either an original piece or it can be an adaptation of another, for example: a novel.

Scripts and screenplays tell a story through dialogue in a particular written form. 

A Script Writer/Playwright/Screenwriter will write:

  • The dialogue (for the actors)
  • Describe the emotions which must be portrayed (for actors)
  • Describe the scene on stage (for set builders)
  • Describe the various actions which must take place (for the actors)

Scriptwriting: whether for television, radio, movies, or stage – the competition is extremely high and competitive. Many Scripwriters work on a freelance basis.

Some Scriptwriters will have to hire an agent to book their play for performance. Others will try to get their plays published in books.

What does a Script Writer do?

  • dedicatesa significant amount of time each day to writing (the more you write, the better you get!)
  • meets with agents
  • sends in multiple drafts to editors for rewrites (radio, movies, television)
  • sends scripts to producers to get their interest
  • works with directors and producers to make sure the wording is right for delivery

Are you …?

  • someone who loves writing?
  • someone who loves storytelling?
  • creative?
  • independent worker?
  • able to handle criticism?
  • persistent?
  • humorous?
  • able to hand rejection?

How do I become a Script Writer? 

  • Bachelor of Arts: English Literature – most SA universities
  • College SA Certificate Scriptwriting
  • Bachelor of Arts: Motion Picture Medium, Scriptwriting



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Is becoming a Script Writer, Screenwriter or Playwright the right career choice for me?