Software Support Technician

Software support technicians provide support on an ad-hoc basis to people requesting it.

As part of an IT department, they are required to provide software support on all the software used within the specific company – not only general software applications such as Windows and Office packages, but also all applications associated with the company.
·         For example, the finance department may use product specific software for their requirements, the data capturers another database for all their client details and any other software developed in –house, customised or bought.
If software support technicians are self-employed, they may specialise in specific software such as firewalls, anti-virus software, database design software or other market related software.
External support technicians usually have a service agreement with companies to provide on-site help in a certain time period and to provide support on these applications when the various software versions are upgraded  
Where to study:
University: UJ, NMMU, SUN, UZulu, Unisa, MGI
University of Technology: VUT, CUT, WSU, CPUT
FET College: Nlink
Companies to work for:
Self- employment, any company that needs a dedicated support person as well as software support companies that outsource people