Sports Coach

What is a Sports Coach?

A Sports Coach is a person who through, instruction, direction and training, enables and assists an athlete or team to achieve levels of performance that they may not have achieved, if left on their own.

Sports Coaches work with all levels of players from school children through to professional players and professional teams.

What does a Sports Coach do?

  • monitoring players’ performance in training and in competition
  • advising players on the training
  • helping players with emotional issues
  • finding suitable competitions/matches for players to enter
  • keeping up to date with current training techniques
  • constantly researching and learning about sports, diets, nutrition, injuries, exercises etc
  • ensuring players are safe at all times, especially when traveling
  • designing training programmes
  • being your players biggest ‘fan’ to motivate and instil confidence

Are you … ?

  • passionate about sport?
  • interested in sharing your knowledge of the game with others?
  • patient?
  • a good motivator?
  • a person with good communication skills?
  • a people’s person
  • a good listener?
  • confident?
  • positive and enthusiastic?
  • self-motivated?
  • a role model?
  • willing to travel?

How do I become a Sports Coach?

If you are passionate about becoming a Sports Coach – the first way to get involved and get some experience is to volunteer as an assistant coach at your school or in your local community. 

Here you will get to learn the ins and outs of the game, the rules and regulations as well as building up a report with the players and building your own confidence.

  • BUNAC:  (Port Elizabeth) 

A volunteer programme to coach various sports to under privileged children.

Here are some colleges etc where you can study Sports Coaching:


Offers a Skills programme for Sport Coaches (105 credits at NQF level 5)
Offers a Skills Programme for Sport Leaders/Organisers (38 credits at NQF level 4)


Offers a 6-10 month Soccer Coaching Short Course Certificate
Minimum requirements:  Grade 10

  • ETA

Offers a Certificate in Coaching Science (NQF level 5, 120 credits, 1 year course)
Offers a Diploma in Coaching Science (NQF – Level 5, 2 Year Learning Programme, Full Time, Part Time or Correspondence)


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Snowboard/Ski Instructor or Caddy

Is becoming a Sport Coach the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.