Tape Librarian

Important information or data that is created on computers on a daily basis needs to be stored and kept safely for future use. This storage process is called “back-up”. Tape librarians retrieve these created files from a server (a hardware unit made up of many hard drives that provides a lot of storage space) and do back-ups on tape.

Duties include:
  • responsible for the organising, maintaining, co-ordinating, cataloguing, filing and storage of these tapes
  • The tapes come in various forms such as large spools or cartridges of magnetic tape. The main functions of tape librarians are to classify, file and retrieve tapes containing the back-ups, maintaining the documentation relating to the tapes and keeping an inventory of software and stock.
  • set up the classification system for storage tapes that includes data such as user, department, program, kind of data and date run
This career is more administrative than technical, but tape librarians need a working knowledge of data processing systems and computers.
Companies to work for:
Computer companies, IT companies, banks, financial institutions, large corporate companies, government departments.