Target Girl



What is a Target Girl? 

A Target Girl or Target Person is a very brave person indeed! 

A Target Girl is the person/target who stands directly in front of an impaler, in a circus or performance. 

The impaler throws knives and axes or shoots arrows directly at the Target Girl aiming to get the knife, axe or arrow as close as possible to the Target Girl without actually injuring them. 

What does a Target Girl do?

  • dress up in costume
  • stand in front of target
  • be tied to a moving or spinning target
  • try to remain calm at all times
  • trust their knife-throwing partner!
  • concentrate at all times
  • practice, practice, practice!

Here is a Youtube clip:

Are you … ?

  • a thrill-seeker?
  • a person who loves living dangerously?
  • a performer?
  • crowd pleaser?
  • trusting?
  • responsible?
  • willing to practice and practice?

How do I become a Target Girl?

Join a circus. Find an impaler/partner and have your own act which could be performed at shows or corporate events.



Is becoming a Target Girl the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.