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GENERAL PROSPECTUS – (Student Guide)   – (Size of download: 2.32mb) 

Contains all the information you need to:

  • Get Career Advice
  • Apply and Register
  • Check Admission Requirements for each Faculty
  • Accommodation
  • Fees
  • Bursaries and Financial Assistance
  • and much more…….



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  • 18 April 2015
  • Services Offered to prospective students

Application closing dates: 

  • The closing date of all programmes is on the 30th September 2015
  • If all necessary additional supporting documents have not yet been received by 15th December 2015, your application will be cancelled 
  • NBT’s must be written no later than 11 October 2015

Registration closing dates:

  • (not available)



If you don’t meet the entry requirements.
Bridging courses 

Please note: If you do not have the subjects (e.g. Maths, Physical Science, Life Science etc.,) that are required for your chosen course, then Foundation, Access and Extended options etc., will not let you apply. You need to add those subjects to your NSC before you apply. Please read the following article:


Faculty of Humanities – Music Foundation

  • The Bachelor of Music (Foundation) and Diploma of Music (Foundation) is offered to students who demonstrate the potential to succeed in music studies during the audition. The degree or diploma is taken over an additional year with the first year of study offering an intensive programme preparing students for first year courses. On successful completion of the foundation year, students proceed to the regular Bachelor of Music or Diploma in Music Performance.
  • Psychology (Foundation). Students wishing to pursue a major in Psychology require NSC results of at least 50% in Mathematics and a score of Proficient for the Quantitative Literacy (QL) component of the NBT. Students who do not meet with requirement may be enrolled into supported Psychology courses or be required to enrol for a Mathematics foundation course as a pre-requisite on evaluation of their NSC and NBT (QL) results. Evaluation and placement into these courses is done during Orientation.

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

  • The Academic Support Programme for Engineering in Cape Town (ASPECT) provides alternative courses with extra support in mathematics and physics for the first year and a half of the extended degree programmes in the engineering departments. All students admitted to an engineering programme at UCT currently start on a curriculum based on a 4-year programme. The first 5 weeks are used to identify students who will benefit from changing to a 5-year ‘extended’ programme. Those students are encouraged to make the change in April, by reducing their ‘load’ – the number of credits or courses for which they are registered.

Faculty of Commerce: Academic Development Degree

  • South African Black, Chinese, Coloured or Indian applicants may apply for admission to the Academic Development (AD) specialisations. We may also offer places on AD specialisations to equity candidates not meeting the admission requirements for main stream programmes, whose NBT results indicate potential.
  • BSocSc in Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Economic



Each faculty has its own criteria for extended degrees.

Faculty of Humanities: Extended Degree

  • An applicant who does not meet the minimum stipulated criteria for the Faculty general degrees may be eligible for consideration for a place in the extended BA or BSocSc degrees.  (page 48 of Student Guide).
  • In both the BA and BSocSc extended degrees, students take at least two foundation courses and two augmented courses where they receive additional tutorial support. Students also participate in the Faculty’s peer mentorship programme for at least one semester (and longer if desired).
  • Bachelor in Arts specializing in Film and Media Production
  • Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Music (Foundation) (BMUS)
  • Diploma in Music Performance (Foundation) (DMP)
  • The extended degree curricula do not allow majors in Economics, Law, Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Statistics.

Faculty of Science: Extended Degree

  • All students will be required to write a set of formal class tests at mid-term of the first semester (mid-March). Using the marks achieved in these tests, together with the results of the school-leaving examinations and the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), selected students will be counselled to convert to the four-year Extended Degree Programme (EDP)
(021) 650 9111
Private Bag X3, Rondebosch 7701, South Africa, Cape Town, Western Cape