What is a Learnership?

What is a Learnership

Learnerships are a way to provide people with work experience as well as recognised qualifications. So while you are working you are gaining skills and experience, which are tested and registered as a qualification.


A Learnership is part of the overall National Qualifications Framework (NQF) which goes hand in hand with the kind of learning you do at college or university, although some of your theory learning may be via correspondence courses.

During the Learnership you will have to complete assignments, for example written tests, projects, practical tasks and demonstrations. You will be formally assessed in the classroom and in the workplace. That means that you will be tested in some way.


Most of the Learnerships are about 120 credits and last for a year.

You can apply for a Learnership whether you are employed or not. You have to be older than 16 and younger than 35.

Unemployed learners who obtain a Learnership have the position for time of the Learnership and receive an allowance.


Employed learners can also apply for a Learnership.

A Learnership Agreement is entered into for a specific period of time between the learner, an employer and an accredited training provider.


How to find a Learnership

  • Plan a career path.
  • Identify the Learnership that supports the chosen career path. (The Learnership will share the name of the qualification so the educational institution can advise you.)
  • Find out as much information as possible about the Learnership from the educational institution, online and newspaper advertisements.
  • Look for Learnerships on the Career Planet website.
  • Enquire about the requirements for entering the Learnership.
  • Find an employer willing to provide practical work experience. The college or university offering the theoretical part of the training would be one source of this information. If you are at college already you must talk to the Programme Managers.

Applying for a Learnership requires the same steps as Job-hunting. You can read more about Job hunting on the Get Work-Wise Page on Career Planet