What is an APS that I need for University

APS is stands for Academic Point Score (sometimes called Admission Point Score)

Different universities have different ways of calculating this point score. (Not Universities of Technology, which have their own requirements.)

Most universities calculate the score by adding ALL the marks for all the NSC subjects. Some do not add in Life Orientation or only use half the mark. So it is important to check the Student Guides (Prospectuses) of the universities you are applying to. You can find contact details for your nearest university here:


So typically this is what would happen (example)

First language (language of teaching and learning) 65% 5

Additional recognised language  71% 6

Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy  61% 5

Accounting  68%  5

History  81%  7

Geography  86%  7

Life Orientation  84%  7

Total APS 42 

Apart from having the right APS

  • The applicant must have the required subjects for the qualification 
  • Applicants with the highest APS will generally get preference
  • The applicant must still write a Benchmark test  


Applicants will generally calculate the point score, using Grade 11, mid-year Grade 12 or Trial results. Meeting the minimum score does, however, not guarantee a place as Universities receive more applications than they can accommodate.