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What is a Wire & Recycled Artist?

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Wire and Recycled Art is a wonderful and cheap way of using household tools and ‘waste’ to create long-lasting sculptures that can decorate any room.

Wire & Recycled Artists these days are being extremely creative.

They often recycle thrown away items into their sculptures.  For example old soda cans, bottle tops, plastic milk bottles, old plastic bags, bits of rubber, etc

Examples of work that can be made out of wire and recycled goods:

  • Ornaments like beaded animals eg lions, giraffes, rhinos etc
  • Keyrings with animals, hearts, fruit, AIDS symbols etc
  • Household goods like napkin rings, bowls, coasters, placemats etc
  • Pieces of art like giant wired people, animals, trees etc
  • Wire and paper sculptures that can be converted to lampshades
  • building things out of used ice-cream sticks, toothpicks or matches
  • Giant wire words are fashionable these day eg: LOVE, RESPECT, PRAISE, etc
  • Unusual jewellery and accessories
  • ‘Paintings’ made from pieces of metal and other junk etc

So if you are good with your hands, can think and make things in 3-D and have a good sense of what may sell, then becoming a Wire Artist, may just be the job for you!

What does a Wire & Recycled Artist do?

  • source materials like wire, pieces of metal, rubber, wood and other interesting things that could be used
  • research what may sell and coming up with new ideas
  • make beautiful wire work sculptures
  • be quality driven
  • go to libraries etc to search through books and magazines for inspiration
  • build up stock
  • talk to shop owners and other outlets with regard to selling stock

Are you … ?

  • good with your hands?
  • a person with a bucket load of talent?
  • very creative?
  • entrepreneurial?
  • good with colour?
  • detail orientated?
  • able to work in 3d?
  • fast worker?
  • quality driven?
  • observant?

How do I become a Wire & Recycled Artist?

No training is necessary, however, working alongside an already experienced Wire Artist may help you a lot. 

Otherwise, sit and work by yourself.  The more you practice, the better you’ll become. 

Look through old magazines and books, in libraries and bookstores for more inspiration. 

Keep a notebook and pen on you at all times, as you will never know what might inspire you.  You can always make a quick drawing to remind you later.

Constantly be on the look-out for new ideas or recycled goods which you could use.


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Is becoming a Wire & Recycled Artist the right career choice for me?