Electrical Engineer

Thinking of a career in Engineering? Are you excited by the design and development of electrical equipment? Becoming an Electrical Engineer will incorporate these areas. An Electrical Engineer usually deals with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

Electrical Engineering Technician

An Electrical Engineering Technician tests electrical systems and prepares charts and reports. They often assist Electrical Engineers or Engineering Technologists.

Electrical Engineering Technologist

An Electrical Engineering Technologist works on new and existing engineering technology and applies up to date systems to electrical engineering projects. This is a GREEN occupation!

Electronics Engineer

An Electronics Engineer designs electronics. These products could be really simple or be as large as an international GPS (global positioning system).

Electronics Engineering Technician

An Electronics Engineering Technician designs, makes up and tests electronic systems and equipment. They usually assist qualified Electronic Engineers.

Electronics Engineering Technologist

An Electronics Engineering Technologist researches, analyses, modifies new and existing electronic systems. They could work or specialise in: Radar – Telemetry – Remote control systems – Microwaves – Aerospace / transport – Other electronic equipment etc.