A Boat Builder is also known as a Shipwright. They construct sea-worthy floating vessels like boats and ships, which include, for example, yachts, sailboats, schooners, cruise liners etc.

Deck (Navigation) Officer

A Deck (Navigation) Officer is an important member of the ship’s management team. They are in charge of the very expensive ship, cargo and/or passengers on board. The goal of most Deck (Navigation) Officers is to become Captain.

Deck Hand (Able Seaman)

The main job of a Deck Hand or Able Seaman is to stand watch on the bridge or at the wheel house. They help the Desk Officer by steering the ship according to the Desk Officer’s instructions.

Deck Hand (Oiler)

An Oiler is a junior or entry-level position. Oilers usually work in the engineering section (engine room) of a ship. The main job of an Oiler is to oil all the machinery.

Deck Hand (Ordinary Seaman)

An Ordinary Seaman is usually training to become an Able Seaman. They don’t have to ‘stand watch’. Ordinary Seamen generally assist will all aspects of the ship’s maintenance and cleaning while getting trained on-the-job.

Deck Hand (Wiper)

A Wiper has the most junior, but responsible job on a ship. Their main job is to clean engine spaces and machinery. They may also get the chance to help engineers. Becoming a Wiper is a stepping stone to more challenging career opportunities in engineering.

Engineering Officer

An Engineering Officer is the person responsible for making sure the ship operates at optimum levels. An Engineering Officer is in control of the administration of the Engineering Department on a ship. The Engineering Officer will report to the Chief Engineer.

Fibreglass Worker

Fibreglass Workers work with moulds and manufacture items from fibreglass mixed with resin.

Marine Pilot

A Marine Pilot does NOT fly planes! Pilotage is a very specialised job. The main job of a Marine Pilot is to guide the ship in or out of port and as well as control all movements once inside the harbour. This job can be quite tricky during severe weather conditions.

Naval Architect

A Naval Architect designs ships, yatchs and boats of all sizes. It is a very complex job which combines technical, structural and safety aspects with creative design.


A Sailmaker’s main job is to make sails for the sailing industry. These days, sailing has become extremely high-tech so that means sail making has had to keep up with the times. Sail design & sail making involves high tech machinery and skill.