Anthropologists examine, analyze, report on and compare different cultures and how they grow, develop, and interact. How people live offers insights into modern life and how significantly (or, more often, how little) we have changed and how similar we are in our basic systems of interaction.


A Curator usually work in a museum. Curators can also work in libraries and at other historical sites. They are the person whose job it is to keep all the records and artefacts (items in a museum) safe, up to date and in a good condition.


A Genealogist studies and researches the history of families. They may work for one family or for specialised organisations like museums etc. Some Genealogists may specialise in a particular group or families which have the same surname. One of the jobs that Genealogists do is that they draw up family trees.


Sociology is a science. A Sociologist studies the ‘functions’ of society. For instance: Human Interaction (relationships etc), Populations, Social Class, Religion, Criminality and Law, Tribes / Races, Political Groups, Labour and Culture etc.