Eco-Tourism Guide

Are you environmentally aware and love to work in nature then a career in Eco-tourism is a consideration.

Eco-tourism is nature based, and involves educating people about the local environment and how to act ecologically-friendly.

Energy Engineer

Energy Engineers design, plan and perform engineering duties in the prevention, control, and the removal of environmental health hazards using various engineering disciplines.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineering is the use of science and engineering principles to improve the environment and work to find solutions to provide healthy, clean water, air, and land for all living things (humans, animals and organisms) … and to deal with already polluted sites.

Environmental Engineering Technician

An Environmental Engineering Technician is passionate about saving our environment.They work to reduce and control: Pollution – Recycling – Waste Disposal.

Green Builder

A ‘Green’ Builder will usually use natural, sustainable building materials. They are passionate about saving our environment and working with clients who embrace this point of view.

Solar Installer

Solar Installers have a very exciting job of being at the forefront of technology and being part of the movement towards saving our planet. If this excites you, then this is the job for you!

Wind Analyst

Wind is a FREE and renewable energy resource. This is an important factor for scientists if we want to create a sustainable energy supply without damaging our planet. If you are passionate about science, want to save our planet and like the idea of working outdoors, then a job as a Wind Analyst may be the right job for you!