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A work ethic is a set of moral principles and a belief system that guides persons work behavior. A strong work ethic results in strong motivation and good performance.

A strong, good work ethic is important if you want to achieve your career goals.  Your work ethic will be directly related to your success and happiness – and will be noticed by others.

10 x Good Work Ethic Points:


Always try to keep a positive attitude. Negative and grumpy people can make the working environment unpleasant for everyone – and you’ll become unpopular too.


Self-Discipline builds character. Pushing yourself to complete tasks and produce work of a high standard will be noticed by management as well as your colleagues.


Nobody likes to be kept waiting. When going to work or a meeting, rather arrive early than late.

Dress for Success:

Always look professional. It doesn’t matter if you’re in jeans, an overall or a suit, make sure it’s always clean and without wrinkles. Keep your shoes clean too.

Social Media:

Remember, you’re being paid to work, not play on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. Keep your social media skills for your lunch-time break.

Be a Team Player:

Always do your share of the work (and even more). There’s nothing worse than one person not doing their fair share. Again, always remain positive.


Always respect the following:

  1. Your boss
  2. Your colleagues
  3. Your workspace
  4. The common areas, like the kitchen and bathrooms


Try to be professional at all times. Speak nicely to other workers. Swearing, loud screaming, throwing tantrums, or general misbehaviour is unacceptable.

Personal Hygiene:

Always keep yourself clean. Wash regularly and, if possible, wear deodorant. Always wash your hands after going to the bathroom.

Personal Grooming:

Keep your hair/beard clean and tidy. Keep your nails clean, clipped or neatly painted. If you wear nail polish, repaint chipped nail polish asap.


Always do your best. Double check your work. Be proud of the job you do. Be proud of your work.


Go The Extra Mile

This means that you do more than you are asked to do! Sometimes it pays off BIG! When companies start retrenching, who do you think they’ll get rid of first?  The lazy person – or the one that goes the extra mile?

And in this competitive, vulnerable job market, where do you want to find yourself?

If you built a house with your work ethic, dedication, and preparation;
would you trust its foundation enough to live inside it? – R. Gill


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