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SA Teen Entrepreneur societies are all about promoting growth, great ideas, inspiration and collaboration. If you are keen to create a society at your school, doing so is easy with the help of our straightforward blueprint below.

Step 1: Registration
The first thing that you will need to do is identify a Champion Teacher who will help to lead, facilitate and develop the society. From there, you’ll need to identify a few other students who are interested in joining and vote or hold interviews for Society/Club leadership roles. Finally, you’ll need to register your Society/Club with SA Teen Entrepreneur and select a theme that best represents your group.

Step 2: Promotion
Use the SA Teen Entrepreneur branding guidelines to develop your Society/Club logo and create a Facebook page for Society/Club members – don’t forget to join the SA Teen Entrepreneur Facebook Page, too!

Seeing as though communication and collaboration are so important within SA Teen Entrepreneur societies, you may also want to invite members to a group chat (we recommend Slack). You’ll want to grow your society as much as possible, so be sure to hang flyers and posters around your school and in classrooms to attract other students with potential.

Other promotional ideas include emailing your school admin to see if you can promote the society in the newsletter/ daily announcements and hosting a promotional fair or event.

Step 3: Scheduling
Find an appropriate place where you can regularly hold weekly meetings, such as a classroom or the school auditorium, and determine the day and time when these meetings will be held.

Step 4: Logistics
Join the progress platform and pay your program fees or get sponsorship to start your society.

It’s as easy as that! If you have any further questions about creating a society within your school, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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