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While most careers require certain skill-sets to get you on top of the candidate list, there are other qualities companies look for when recruiting. And these are things you can focus on while going about your daily routine. Regardless of the company or industry you are looking to join, these skills will give you a better chance of being hired, and improve your chances of promotion once you’re hired.

Most careers require that you are able to interact with colleagues, clients or suppliers. Even in the most high-tech environment. In face-to-face situations, be respectful, confident and well-spoken. When you’re writing, reports or e-mails, be clear and watch your spelling and grammar. Start writing a blog or write interesting and relevant commentary on social media. Ask for feedback when writing assignments or reports at school or college.

Whenever you can, do practice speaking to a group, or join a debating society.

Being able to function well in a team environment is also an attractive quality to employers. These skills can be developed at school or later. When you do group assignments, be aware of the dynamics in the group. Encourage people to listen and learn from each other –every point of view is important. Try volunteering for a community organization or join a sports team. You can’t develop leadership skills on your own!

The more the world adopts artificial intelligence, the more we need people with practical, human problem-solving skills. Ways to help you develop these skills are through doing deep research on any assignment you must complete. You will find so many different views and opinions out there, which will force you to be selective and logical about forming your own conclusions. Ask about joining, or starting, a conflict resolution group at school or in the workplace.

This is all about visualizing your goals and finding creative ways to achieve them. And then taking action. Always show that you are eager to improve the way things are done around you or the way you do things yourself. Look for holiday internships or skills courses. Set up a fundraiser for a cause close to your heart. Pay attention to the world around you and look for opportunities to make a difference.

Self-management is another quality in the spotlight these days. Computers can’t do everything! Your employer needs to get a sense from you that you are not someone who needs babysitting. You need to be able to traffic your own workflow and manage your deadlines responsibly. Plan your day and your week with a strict timetable. Learn to write everything down. And, if you can’t get it done on time, know how to delegate. Again, doing an internship in your spare time or joining a volunteer group will help you to sharpen your self-management skills. 

Learning new skills on your computer is something you can do at home in your spare time. You’re probably pretty good on social media already, aren’t you? So take those skills and expand them. Learn how to use other programmes that will complement your skills. If you get a job as a temp or a waitron, learn how to use cashpoints, scanners, photocopiers. You might never need them, but you took the time to learn, and that counts.

So by simply making small improvements on the things you do every day, you will be building a stronger profile for your future employers.



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