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Our goal is to finance projects in the heavy manufacturing sector that have a high developmental impact meaning they have potential to create or preserve jobs, support local opportunities, bring about transformation in the economy and develop emerging entrepreneurs and black industrialists. We also support manufacturing activities that improve competitiveness and are environmentally sustainable.

We fund a high volume of opportunities offering high impact return on effort.

Doing business with the unit

Within the heavy manufacturing industry, we focus on the following sectors:

  • Cement, lime and stone products
  • Furniture production
  • Glass production and products
  • Pulp, paper and paper products
  • Rubber products
  • Wood processing and wood products

Who should apply for funding?

Contact us if you require fixed assets or working capital, are planning a new project, or wish to expand on or rehabilitate an existing business.

Suitable candidates for funding would fit the following criteria:

  • Businesses implementing relatively sizeable projects;
  • Businesses establishing projects that exhibit sustainable economic merit;
  • Businesses designing projects with significant developmental impact, particularly:
    • Sustainable job creation
    • Manufacture of exports
    • Value-addition
    • Empowerment
    • Rural development

Funding criteria

In granting funding, we have set certain criteria:

  • A written request for funding and a comprehensive business plan is required as part of your application;
  • The project/business must exhibit economic merit in terms of profitability and sustainability; and
  • Businesses/projects or credit applications must be commercially viable from a technical, marketing and financial perspective, and be environmentally sustainable.

Applying for funding

Application for funding should be in writing, including a funding request letter, an executive summary and a complete business plan. Click here to apply online. Please make sure that your application meets the IDC’s minimum requirements.


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