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Job versus Vocation?

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When we consider the kind of job we wish to have, we usually focus on important aspects such as using our training and skills, the expected remuneration and possible perks, future ambitions, promotion possibilities and location.

Furthermore, it is important that we are able to express and experience our personal values through our work.

But there is more.

A somewhat more inclusive view of life suggests that we each have come into this world to make our own contribution. In that context, you could say that the work you choose in your life should be more than just a job. If you look to the origin of the word VOCATION,  you’ll see it is derived from the Latin ‘Vocatus’, meaning ‘to call’ or ‘being called’.

A mere job would keep you busy and surviving; and yes, we all need to tick those boxes. Your calling, however, determines that you express yourself in a way that reflects who you are. It is an inner conviction that says: ‘Yes, I want this to be my contribution.’

Sometimes that inner conviction is a shout, loud and clear; sometimes, it needs to be awakened.  To help you do that, maybe just begin by asking yourself:

  • If I had no fear, what would I do?
  • What kind of work would make me get up every morning and look into the day with excitement and motivation?
  • What am I good at?
  • If I were to picture my perfect working day, what would it look like?
  • One day, when I look back over say, ten of fifteen working years, what would I like to see?
  • What is it I want to do to feel that I am really contributing to the world?

You may find that these questions are quickly accompanied by fears such as:  ‘I don’t have the training’, ‘I’m too young’, ‘I can’t take any chances in this economy’,  or any other belief that would hold you back from what you would really love doing. But those fears are not there to hold you back; they are there to test your commitment.

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