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Skills to thrive in the Age of Automation

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is seen by many as a threat to the status quo of work and career prospects as we understand them now. The reality is that while many traditional careers will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, many new opportunities and markets will emerge. These will require special human skills which robots cannot replace.

  1. Complex problem solving the skill to see relationships between industries and craft creative solutions to problems that are yet to appear
  2. Critical thinking people who can turn data into insightful interpretations will be in demand due to the complexity and interconnectedness of fields such as computer science, engineering and biology
  3. Creativity the qualities of imagination, emotional intelligence and the ability to build something out of random ideas will always be in demand
  4. People management while robots will lead in mathematical and analytical fields, the human qualities required to lead people and companies will never be replaced
  5. Communications the ability to coordinate and collaborate will be a sought-after skill in any industry
  6. Emotional Intelligence qualities such as empathy and curiosity will remain important considerations in management roles
  7. Judgement & decision making the ability to interpret data and convert analytics into strategies is key in the information age
  8. Service orientation interactions between businesses, their customers and society will always be conducted by people who understand the values of service and personal assistance
  9. Negotiation the ability to negotiate between businesses and individuals will remain a sought-after employment quality in most industries
  10. Cognitive flexibility the ability to adapt behavior according to a specific challenge and to deal with multiple concepts simultaneously

It’s about the Human Touch

In conclusion, consider applying your strengths and talents to career prospects where you won’t be challenged by a machine for your job application. Building competencies in areas such as critical thinking and problem solving, or in the many fields of creativity and human communications will ensure a mutually rewarding collaboration between you and the machines around you.




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