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by Arman Assadi

Have you ever heard of Tall Poppy Syndrome? It’s a term used to describe the strange situation that occurs when a person deserving of praise is instead criticized, put down, attacked, etc. by haters or negatrons, as I like to call them. This usually happens when a person decides to create new habits, or simply achieves more than before. In other words, they stand out from the crowd—or figuratively—grow too tall in a field of equal-sized poppy’s.

If you ever choose to do something grandiose that others around you are too afraid to do themselves, get ready for the haters. Sadly, this experience can also occur with something as simple as waking up earlier, not drinking alcohol as often, or starting an online business. In my experience since venturing off into the world of solopreneurship and creating a Freedom Lifestyle, I’ve experienced my fair share of negative comments, criticism, and even subliminal jealousy.

While a good percentage of your friends and network will be supportive of your desire to grow, others will automatically make snarky comments, and will be the first to bring down your latest successes and accomplishments. It’s simply a natural, gut-level reaction for a person who lives in a state of envy—a bonafide hater. And while they may not entirely intend to sound or behave this way, it can and will affect you. 

You may also notice that the people you assumed would be the most supportive and want to celebrate alongside you are actually the most hesitant. What an interesting phenomenon!

On the other hand, a lot of new faces may appear to tell you how proud, inspired, or excited they are for you. When I committed to becoming a solopreneur after realizing there were more than enough solid reasons to make the leap, I was grateful to receive so many positive comments from friends, and even friends of friends.

Yet why is it so common that your best friends, colleagues—perhaps even your own family—are the most apathetic about your success and newly chosen path? Well, it looks like you’ve grown too tall, friendo. You’re no longer part of the same peer group. You’re no longer there to commiserate and sympathize with the old daily struggles.

Here’s the cold, hard truth: This isn’t going to change. Be prepared. The more you grow, the more haters you will attract and the more negative, snarky comments you will receive.


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