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Whether you are at school, at college or already in the workplace, you may have heard a lot being said about the age of automation, the 4th Industrial Revolution, Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.

If you’re in a job with high automation potential,  it may be wise to start thinking long and hard about what you can offer beyond your existing set of skills and competencies.

Jobs most at risk of being automated:

Insurance underwriter
Bookkeeping clerk
Legal secretary
Credit analyst
Loan officer
Real estate broker
Payroll clerk
Budget analyst
Pharmacy technician

How to survive the AI Revolution

All evidence and research points to the fact that soft skills, those human attributes still required in any business, will be the best foundation to build upon. These include things like the ability to communicate and work well with others, solve problems and think outside of the box, as well as other aspects of emotional intelligence such as motivation, empathy, curiosity and social skills. Careers in the fields of people management, coordinating with others, decision-making, negotiation, and customer service will all be important in the future.

Source: Oxford University

Pic: Unsplash


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