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What is a Study Group?


  • A Study Group is a small group of learners or students who regularly meet during lunch, after school or weekends to help each other to study. The members of the group swop notes, discuss topics and test each other.

Study Groups: a little help from your friends…

  • Are you struggling with some subjects?
  • Are you good at other subjects?
  • Why not trade your knowledge?

Find other keen learners who want to improve and set up regular meetings.

  • Go over work done in class during the week. Have a set of questions to tackle each session. Each person studies one.
  • Teaching is learning. NOTHING makes you learn more than having to teach someone else. Even if you get it wrong, you learn!
  • If someone is struggling, help them. Be patient. Next time it they could be helping you.
  • Make it fun! Bring snacks and after each session, play some music!

Online Help:

If you have good internet access you find some extra help for your Study Group.

Here are a few examples:

  • CLICK HERE  For 2,700 FREE videos Includes: Maths, and Physics and practice exercises.
  • CLICK HERE  For FREE Study and practice mathematics and science using online exercises, textbooks and videos.
  • CLICK HERE and look under the heading STUDY TIPS

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