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The National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) assess academic readiness of first-year university students as a supplement to secondary school reports on learning achieved in content-specific courses. Apart from having the right APS, the applicant must have the required subjects for the qualification. Applicants with the highest APS generally get preference but all applicants must still write a Benchmark test.

What is tested:

  • Academic Literacy (AL),
  • Quantitative Literacy (QL)
  • Mathematics (MAT)

Important information:

  • There are two tests, the AQL and the MAT.  The AQL is written in a 3 hour morning session. The MAT is written on the same day in a 3 hour afternoon session.
  • Each university and faculty determines which tests must be written and the deadline to receive results.
  • The schedule of NBT National Test Sites is routinely updated to reflect changes in sites and number of seats available.  Four weeks prior to a test date, sites may be closed or additional ones opened due to demand.
  • You must be at the check-in desk by 7:30 AM on your scheduled test date.
  • A Friday or Sunday session is offered each month at major test sites to accommodate learners who cannot write on Saturday.
  • You are not allowed to write the AQL test on one day and the MAT test on another.
  • You must use your name as printed on your official ID when registering and when writing. Your ID will be checked before you are allowed to write on test day.
  • Registration is date and site specific; learners who do not report as scheduled must re-schedule and pay for the make-up test session.

The NBTP reports results on a scale of 10-99 and by Benchmarks to better inform learners and universities about the level of academic support that may be required for successful completion of programmes. Results are also used by universities in course development, programme planning and placement decisions.

NBT Quick links:

Information source: NBT. Click here for more detailed information


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