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‘If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.’ – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Self-confidence refers to the belief in yourself and your own abilities. Self-confidence is extremely important in every aspect of life and people who lack it may find it difficult to be successful.

A proposal or idea being presented by an unconfident person may find little or no support, whereas one which is presented by someone who speaks clearly, holds their head high and answers questions assuredly, will be easily supported.

Self-confident people inspire confidence in others and this is one of the important ways of commanding success.

Self-confidence can be learnt and built upon through deliberate and dedicated effort.

How to build self-confidence

Building self-confidence takes time, however the good thing is, that it’s an achievable task. The things you do to build self-confidence will also build success as they constitute its essential pillars.

STEP 1 – Digging the Foundation

  • Look at what you have already achieved – make a list of the things which you have achieved so far.
  • Think about your strengths – take a look at who, and where you are in terms of your strengths and weaknesses.  Do a SWOT Analysis.
  • Think about what is important to you and where you want to go – what is important to you and what do you want to achieve in life.
  • Start managing your mind – learn to notice negative self-talk which works against your confidence and work towards being more positive.
  • Commit yourself to success – make a clear and strict promise to yourself highlighting your commitment to the cause of self-confidence.

STEP 2 – Laying the Foundation

  • Build the knowledge you need to succeed – develop skills and competencies which are aligned to your goals/targets.  This is will be your ‘Skill Set’.
  • Focus on the basics – remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, enjoy doing simple things successfully and well.
  • Set small goals and try to achieve them – get in the habit of setting goals, achieving them and celebrating the achievement.
  • Keep managing your mind and thoughts – stay positive, celebrate and enjoy your successes.

STEP 3 – Build (Grow)

  • Make your goals bigger
  • Increase your commitment
  • Extend and integrate your skills and experience

Goal-Setting is the most important skill towards the improvement of self-confidence!

Written by Blessing Mabuto


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